Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DARE - Michigan

Speaking of the Dictionary of American Regional English (as I did here recently and here), their website has a state-by-state index that allows users to look up commonly used regional synonyms by state. My favorite part of this feature is that each state's page begins with a paragraph that includes examples of some of the regionally-distinctive words in use.

Here is Michigan's:

A lawyer doesn’t have to be someone who wears a suit and goes to court. For that matter, a long john isn’t underwear and a sewing needle can fly. If you’re headed to a covered-dish meal, consider making pasties with hamburg for hot dish. Up in Norway pine-country, you may see some people headlighting or trying to shining deer, which doesn’t seem too fair for the deer.

To see the definitions of these Michigan synonyms and to look up other state's synonyms, here is a link to DARE: State-By-State. Have fun.

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