Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Business Names Gone Bad

My kids have been acting up today, I would like to exchange them for some other kids please. Just kidding.

This must be a store where people take their kids' outgrown clothing and toys to exchange them, it can't possibly be where you take your kid to have a sex change.

I also recently heard about a swimming pool chemical company called Poolife. I can't imagine anyone would want to bring poo to life in their swimming pool. A double "L" would have been beneficial here.

There is an Internet business named Publishit.com. I wonder......do they only publish sh*t?

I'm sure there are many more poorly named businesses out there and I would love to hear about more so please send me your Business Names Gone Bad as a comment.

It just goes to show you that when someone is naming their new business, they should really take into consideration the way the spelling and words of the name can be reinterpreted.

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